Technical Tuesday – 29 March 2011 – Deep Packet Inspection for Cybersecurity ASW&R by Jeff Kuhn of Pangia Technologies

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ASW&R is an acronym for Attack Sensing, Warning, and Response. It is an expansion of an earlier term, Attack Sensing and Warning (AS&W), used in some circles to define the activity of identifying cyber attacks and providing actionable information about them. Response was added to the term sometime during the past ten years or so to expand the activity and include the possibility that something might actually be done in response to an identified attack. This discussion covers the use of Deep Packet Inspection technologies for cybersecurity ASW&R based on the presenter’s knowledge of current programs, practical knowledge of network security, and views regarding future potential.

Presented by: Jeff Kuhn of Pangia Technologies

Mr. Kuhn has more than 25 years of Intelligence Community and commercial experience in telecommunications system vulnerability analysis and security engineering. He began his career in the mid-1980s at the R&D division of the National Computer Security Center before spending more than a decade performing computer network operations engineering as a Department of Defense civilian. Mr. Kuhn then spent five years with GTE supporting their early CALEA lawful intercept efforts and a series of IC programs involving telecommunications security engineering. He is now the Senior Director of Technical Development at Pangia Technologies, strongly focused on telecommunications security and Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative programs.