Technical Tuesday Workshop – 15 November 2011 – Ancient Alien Hypervisor Password Reset Utility Workshop by Eric Fiterman of Rogue Networks

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Virtualization provides the backbone to many of the cloud computing services you hear about today. If you manage virtual or cloud infrastructure, there may come a time when you realize you’ve lost the password for a hypervisor or virtual data center cluster and need to get back in without reinstalling or destroying anything. In this talk, Eric Fiterman of Rogue Networks will talk about how VMware manages passwords in its ESXi hypervisors, and how you can recover these systems if you’re ever in a crunch without a password. Eric will also introduce the “Ancient Alien Hypervisor Password Reset Utility”, a free tool you can use to restore hypervisor passwords.

Workshop: Rogue Networks is bringing hypervisors to allow attendees to get hands-on with the techniques.

Presented by: Eric Fiterman of Rogue Networks

Eric is a former FBI Special Agent and founder of Rogue Networks and Methodvue, two companies focused on delivering cyber security products and services to the federal government and private businesses. Eric began his career as a FreeBSD/Solaris software engineer and is actively involved in the incident response, forensic analysis, and security engineering domains. Eric has published several articles in Digital Forensics Magazine and has taught at BlackHat and presented at ShmooCon 2010 on topics related to virtual environments. Eric has received several commendations and awards for his investigative work, including a service award from the United States Secret Service for his investigative contributions to law enforcement.