Technical Tuesday – 18 June 2013 – Buzzword Forensics: Mobile is the Future…and the Future is Now by Al Holt, Adjunct Professor at Towson University

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Digital forensics is evolving, as all forensic sciences must evolve. With the explosive growth of the Internet as context, the discipline of digital forensics has evolved significantly since the last millennium. In this talk we briefly explore this evolution from the Paleolithic last millennium to our present, and increasingly mobile ecosphere.

Mobile device forensics has something old and something new. Open source and commercial tools have had spotty records over the years with respect to mobile device forensics. We will explore some of the similarities and look explicitly at some of the major differences between classic computer forensics and mobile device forensics, using demos of Android forensics as an exemplar.

Presented by: Al Holt, Adjunct Professor at Towson University

Al Holt is currently the Technical Director for Technical Health of NSA’s Threat Operation Center (NTOC). He previously served as the charter Technical Director of NTOC’s Office of Network Analysis, Detection and Reporting after graduating from NSA’s Senior Technical Development Program (STDP).

Adjunct Professor Holt has been developing and teaching Information Security and Assurance courses at the graduate Center for Applied Information Technology, School of Emerging Technologies, at Towson University since September 2001.

Mr. Holt wore his Adjunct Professor hat for this cybergamut presentation, sharing some bumpy experiences while developing a pilot Mobile Device Forensics (AIT675) course, focusing on the open source Android platform as a target.