Technical Tuesday – 24 September 2013 – Malware Analysis for the Masses by Brian Baskin of Newberry Group, Inc.

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With malware becoming more prevalent, and the pool of capable reversers falling short of overall need, there is a greater need to provide quick and efficient malware analysis for network defense. With modern technology and tools, it’s now possible for junior security analysts to gather detailed malware indicators to craft defense and alert signatures. More enticing, all of this can be done with free tools and applications, some written by this presenter.

Presented by: Brian Baskin, Newberry Group, Inc

Brian Baskin is a digital forensics professional and incident responder with Newberry Group. When not managing corporate intrusion responses, Brian is an intrusions analyst and malware reverse engineer for the Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory, part of the Defense Cyber Crime Center. For over 10 years Brian has worked to research, develop, and train forensic responses to growing network threats. Brian devotes much of his time to researching evolving Internet crimes, network protocol analysis, and Linux and UNIX intrusion responses. He has authored numerous books on computer security and developed software to allow for more efficient intrusion and malware analysis.