Technical Tuesday workshop – 12 May 2015 – An Hour in the Life of a Cyber Analyst by Ryan Harvell of OPS Consulting and Marcelle Lee of AACC CyberCenter

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Challenge: Organizations of all shapes and sizes are engaged in an ongoing balancing act to protect their data and intellectual property while at the same time making sure that employees, partners and customers have access to necessary network resources and information. There are a variety of tools and technologies that aid in this endeavor, but as we have seen with some of the recent high profile breaches, the human element is an essential component of cyber security.

Enter the Cyber Analyst. Cyber Analysts play a critical role in cyber security. They are not only responsible for using the cyber security tools and technologies at their disposal, but also for interpreting, thinking critically, and acting based on their observations. While the scope and scale of the daily activities of a typical Cyber Analyst will vary, this workshop is designed to provide the workshop participants a glimpse into the life of a Cyber Analyst.

Workshop Description: This hands-on workshop demonstrates how easy it is for a breach to occur by analyzing a virtualized web server environment. Participants will use open source tools such as port scanners and protocol analyzers to identify security issues and then attempt to exploit the discovered vulnerabilities. Following the hands-on activity, the workshop concludes with a discussion about how to avoid some of the identified security failures.

Presented by: Ryan Harvell of OPS Consulting and Marcelle Lee of Anne Arundel Community College CyberCenter

Ryan Harvell is a network and cyber discovery analyst for OPS Consulting, helping to meet the diverse and ever-evolving mission-related informational needs of the Department of Defense. Most recently, Ryan stood up the Cyber Discovery efforts for the Network Analysis Center in Hawaii, leading analysis of active and past malicious exploitation, protocol violations, and network vulnerabilities. As the subject matter expert for cyber discovery efforts, Ryan was responsible for promoting the latest malware analysis techniques and network vulnerabilities. Ryan holds a number of degrees, most recently completing a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations & Economics from the University of Oklahoma.

Marcelle Lee is an analyst with the federal government and an adjunct Instructional Specialist with the Anne Arundel Community College CyberCenter where she teaches cyber security courses. Marcelle is also a director for the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, where she leads the women’s education and training initiative, and she is a regional director for the Information Systems Security Association Women in Security Special Interest Group. Marcelle is also co-founder of a cyber security services company, Fractal Security Group, LLC. She holds multiple degrees and is currently working on her MPS in Cybersecurity at UMBC, and has earned several industry certifications including GCIA, GCCC, CEH, CCNA, Security+, Network+, and ACE. She is also a cyber-competition enthusiast, and participates in several each year.