Technical Tuesday – 5 January 2016 – The Threat Landscape and the Path Forward: Fundamentals of a Risk-Aware Orgnaization by John McLaughlin of IBM Security

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The cyber security universe remains an increasing and dynamic threat to the American national infrastructure. This presentation provides a quantitative analysis of the attacks seen by IBM and the thousands of IBM customers in the preceding year. Specific attention will be paid to the protocols engaged, attack patterns, and trends seen in these attacks. In addition, these attacks are characterized by targets, time, and degree of success. Following the quantitative reporting, the remainder of the presentation focuses on an actionable plan for securing the enterprise. Simply describing the problem is no longer sufficient. This plan consists of a multi-step roadmap, a product independent approach to securing the enterprise against the previously described attack vectors.

Presented by: John McLaughlin of IBM Security

John McLaughlin is the Executive Security Architect, North America, for IBM Security. In this role, John specializes in the largest of security intelligence challenges, providing thought leadership in the security domain in partnership with IBM Research, the government, Fortune 500 commercial customers, and key federal integrators. John specializes in the development of holistic Information Assurance solutions. His technical expertise includes all aspects of cyber-security, information assurance, system and network engineering, and engineering project management. In addition to his professional expertise, Mr. McLaughlin is an adjunct professor at George Mason University and a guest professor at the University of California – San Diego. At both schools Mr. McLaughlin instructs on graduate engineering solutions to today’s top security attack vectors. Mr. McLaughlin has an MS in Computer Science from University of Southern Mississippi, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University. He is also a Distinguished Architect with The Open Group.