Technical Tuesday – 20 September 2016 – Goodbye CLI, hello API: Leveraging network programmability in security incident response by Joel King of WWT

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Automation and Orchestration has been the purview of cloud computing and system administration, but now is increasingly important to security operations and network administration. By automating the data collection and corrective action component of incident response, significant time savings can be realized. Corrective actions often need be applied to multiple assets in the organization and automation improves consistency and time savings as well. This talk describes how security and IT orchestration can be integrated through code reuse and integration with APIs.

We demonstrate how Phantom and Ansible can be integrated to automate the incident response data collection, corrective action, and notification.

Presented by: Joel King of World Wide Technology (WWT)

Joel is Principal Architect of Engineering and Innovations for Network Solutions at World Wide Technology (WWT). He is responsible for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and network programmability initiatives. He was previously a technical architect at NetApp (Video Surveillance, Big Data) and Cisco (Encrypted VoIP and Video) developing validated design guides.