Technical Tuesday – 6 September 2016 – Quantifying Cyber Attacks: To Optimize and Assess your Defense by Jason Syversen of Siege Technologies

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This talk describes the challenges of quantifying offensive and defensive capabilities and posture. This is not an IT-oriented metrics-talk about measuring the firewall rules or number of incidents last year. Instead, you’ll hear about new military-backed research on how to quantify the effectiveness of attacks, predict outcomes and measure defensive strength, as well as the future of data-driven security technologies.

Presented by: Jason Syversen of Siege Technologies

Jason Syversen is a computer security technologist and entrepreneur with 19 years of experience in technical and leadership roles with cybersecurity, research, and development organizations.

As the founder and CEO of Siege Technologies, Jason has overseen the development of numerous disruptive cybersecurity technologies, many of which have been sold to or licensed by government agencies or corporations. Since formation in 2009, Siege has experienced year over year growth and is profitable.

Before founding Siege, Jason was a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). During his time at DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office, Jason managed a portfolio of 5 programs totaling over $92M in development and 6 transition partners; in addition to multiple other smaller studies.

Jason is the sole inventor of a malware detection patent and a co-inventor for several pending patents. Jason founded, advises, and/or invests in 5 other cybersecurity-focused firms with a mission to tie disruptive technology to operational impact. He has served as a reviewer for IEEE Security and Privacy, and IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.