Q1. Is there a fee to join cybergamut or to attend Technical Tuesday events?

A1. There is no fee. cybergamut membership is free as are the Technical Tuesday events.


Q2. How do I join cybergamut?

A2. You can follow cybergamut on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and you can send an e-mail to the Chief Suit (suit@cybergamut.com) to be added to his e-mail distribution list.


Q3. What is cybergamut?

A3. cybergamut is an innovation community of practice for professionals across industry, academia, and government. We offer professional development opportunities like Technical Tuesday events as well as hosting formal training classes on a periodic basis. The LinkedIn discussion page has a rich offering of cyber topics in a blog-like setting, and you can always entertain yourself by trying to solve 42.93.F8.6E, although the “trail” is currently broken. Someone did point out that you can still complete the trail from around 2010 by using the Wayback Machine. Let us know if you do this. It was pretty amazing to see the trail still out there suspended in time.


Q4. What is the solution for 42.93.F8.6E?

A4. You don’t really think we’re going to answer that do you? That said, the trail is broken, so you won’t make it very far anyway.


Q5. Can you at least give me a hint to help me get through the trail?

A5. They aren’t dominoes.


Q6. Was cybergamut previously known as cybernexus?

A6. Yes, as a matter of fact, it was.


Q7. Why did you change the name?

A7. In 2008, SAIC (now Leidos) established cybernexus as a community of practice for cyber analysts across industry, academia, and government. Initially the group was focused on creating a “nexus” or coming together of cyber analysts in the Central Maryland geographic region around local government agencies. In 2011, recognizing the global and diverse nature of our membership, cybernexus was renamed cybergamut, and now runs the “gamut” of topics from cyber analysis, through tools development, enterprise IT, forensic analysis, and all facets of cyber and information assurance with a focus on innovative idea sharing. Additionally, cybergamut has geographic nodes in locations such as Mountain View, CA; San Diego, CA; Washington, DC; Augusta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Calverton, MD, College Park, MD;  Omaha, NE; Socorro, NM; Sioux Falls, SD; San Antonio, TX; Virginia Beach, VA; several in Northern Virginia; Fairmont, WV; and Kearneysville, WV.


Q8. Is it true that if I’m a PMI PMP certified manager I can earn a Professional Development Unit (PDU) for attending a Technical Tuesday event?

A8. It is true that depending on the nature of the presentation and applicability to PMBOK process groups and knowledge areas that completion letters will be issued at appropriate events. We include this information in the announcements for qualifying sessions.


Q9. These are “Technical” Tuesday events. Can I get CPE’s for my CISSP certification or other technical credits?

A9. At each event we’ll have certification letters available to prove attendance for CPE’s and other technical certification credits and to aid in self certification for those credits.


Q10. Why are Technical Tuesday events on seemingly random Tuesdays instead of regularly scheduled on a particular Tuesday each month?

A10. The simple answer is “logistics” of speakers and conference facilities. Whenever an interesting speaker volunteers to speak and we can match the speaker’s desired dates with an available conference facility, we schedule a Technical Tuesday event.


Q11. Why are some cybergamut events held in different locations instead of always at the same facility? Some folks have gone to the wrong location for some of the events.

A11. Please take note of the location in each of the announcements. Since cybergamut is a community of practice across all of industry, academia, and government, we like to allow different organizations to host events. Leidos, SAIC, Capitol College, CSC, Maritime Institute, Microsoft, Praxis, RTGX, and TASC have graciously volunteered their conference facilities for various cybergamut events.


Q12. How do I host a cybergamut node for a Technical Tuesday event?

A12. Requirements to host a cybergamut node include: (1) The location has to be open and accessible to all industry, academic, and government participants; (2) The room needs to accommodate at least 20 people or as many as reasonably are expected to show up; (3) There should be an expectation of at least five attendees at the Node; and (4) There needs to be a computer with an Internet connection, a projector and screen, and a conference phone. If you’d like to host a Node, please contact the Chief Suit.


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Q13. What is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything?