In 2008, SAIC (now Leidos) established cybernexus as a community of practice for cyber analysts across industry, academia, and government. Initially the group was focused on creating a “nexus” or coming together of cyber analysts in the Central Maryland geographic region around local government agencies. In 2011, recognizing the global and diverse nature of our membership, cybernexus was renamed cybergamut, and now runs the “gamut” of topics from cyber analysis, through tools development, enterprise IT, forensic analysis, and all facets of cyber and information assurance with a focus on innovative idea sharing. Additionally, cybergamut has geographic nodes in locations such as Mountain View, CA; San Diego, CA; Augusta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Calverton, MD; College Park, MD;  Hunt Valley, MD; Omaha, NE; Middletown, NJ, Socorro, NM; Rochester, NY, Sioux Falls, SD; San Antonio, TX; Virginia Beach, VA; several in Northern Virginia; Fairmont, WV; and Kearneysville, WV.

Mission Statement

cybergamut is a worldwide community of practice for cyber professionals across industry, academia, and government providing ongoing education, training, and certification opportunities throughout all phases of a cyber professional’s career, utilizing traditional methods as well as innovative and non-traditional techniques like puzzles, Easter Eggs, and problem solving.